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About Rick

Rick Krusky is a composer and producer of contemporary music. His music has recently aired on such television shows as NBC’s “Access Hollywood,” E!’s “E! News Now,” VH1’s “Mob Wives.”

With over twenty years of extensive experience in the fields of writing and recording, Rick has acquired the insight and aesthetic sensibilities essential to creating film- and television-friendly music.

Born in Calgary, Canada, Rick’s artistic interests remained relatively dormant until the age of 15 when he one day picked up a guitar. Over the next year, Rick delved deeply into the instrument; then at age 16, enrolled in his first professional recording-engineer course.

At 21, after enduring a year of road life with his latest band, Rick widened horizons and migrated to Los Angeles to attend the world-renowned Musicians Institute. What followed for Rick was an intensive and enlightening assimilation of musical theory.

Armed with newfound knowledge, Rick immersed himself in the then-teeming Sunset Strip scene for the following few years – periodically surfacing for a tour here and there – before happening on what he considered his perfect musical match: Jettison Eddy.

Shortly after joining the ranks of Jettison Eddy, Grammy Award-winning music producer Keith Olsen (Foreigner, Fleetwood Mac, Joe Walsh, Pat Benatar, et al.) took the burgeoning band under his wing to produce their debut album “Trippin on Time.” Applause and a tour ensued, but before long, like the all-too-common rock-n-roll saga, the group disbanded.

The advent of the digital age and its enormous influence on the audio world caught Rick’s ear and prompted an all-out assault of the subject. It was for Rick, to say the least, liberating. And in his own words “a dream come true.”

Rick currently spends his time writing and recording in his Los Angeles-based studio.




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